Les produits 6&2 Hologramme

6&2 HOLOSCRIM Flame Retardancy standard ( DIN-B1/ EN 13773 (Class 3) / BS-2B / NFPA 701 )

Sizes from 1M-7M high to ?M long

  • The 6&2 HOLOSCRIM FR is extremely lightweight and foldable, making it very easy to transport.
  • It’s the perfect holographic projection screen material that can be installed in no time. Simply attach it to a truss, lighting bar or frame and you are ready to amaze your audience. Tensioning the fabric on all 4 sides and using the right projector is key for obtaining the best results with this 3D projection screen.
  • The 6&2 HOLOSCRIM FR can be used for front and rear holographic projections.
  • The gauze screen is used vertically, so less space is lost in the performance area as there is no need for a 45° mirror and a stage pit with projection screen. 

Pricing structure

Simple frame rigging systemFASTEST SET UP (1 full day) for Holographic System

Starting at $246/m2 – Exemple: 7M x 12M (84m2) x $246 = $20,664 CAD

***RENTAL OPTIONS FOR 6&2 Holoscrim FR 


6&2 HOLOFOIL (used in the 3D Holographic Projection System)  

The 3D Holographic Projection System is a high definition video-based 3D projection system that allows for spectacular free-form 3D holographic-type animated images to appear within a live stage setting with live stream allowing for live events in multiple locations. 

  • The 3D Holographic Projection System incorporates a ‘performer’s stage’ that is equipped with state of the art LED lighting and that is usually boxed with hard paneling or dark draping along the sides and back of the system. 
  • The hologram screen film (foil) sits on a 45˚ angle between the stage and the audience. High definition video projector is mounted in front of the foil, projecting onto either the floor or ceiling depending on foil orientation, when viewed from the audience’s perspective, the reflected images appear to be on the stage. 
  • This large scale 3D holographic projection system is suitable for all types of events (corporate, theatrical, museums, large scale installations, etc.), as long as it includes a frame of truss, our special 6&2 Holofoil to create this holographic effect, a stretching tension system to fix the foil in place, a foil reflection screen and a projector.
  • The current maximum size of our 6&2 Holofoil is 8m x 30m (with more than 97% transmittance which is almost the same as Musion eyeliner foil). *Need for a special tensioning/stretching device to hold the holographic film to the truss (price depends on film size)

Pricing structure 

Starting at $384/m2 – Exemple: 4M x 8M (32m2) x $384 = $12,280 CAD

**+ Bounce screen  at $68/m2 – Exemple: 2.15M x 3.6M (7.74m2) x $68 = $526.32 CAD