BAUM interactive installation


Imagine a forest that lights up according to our actions….
BAUM is a minimalist, contemplative, immersive and interactive installation.
The inspiration is rooted in our northern forests in the form of the majestic balsam fir. Large tree with a narrow conical habit and horizontal branches that shed their bark at the base.
This installation can be adapted and assembled in parts of 12 and/or 24 BAUM.
The illumination of the different BAUMs that interact with each other is the result of your actions and movements via different sensors on the course.
You are invited to change the light atmosphere in the blink of an eye, by dancing, moving and having fun to create magic. Tired? No worries, you can also contemplate without moving the soft movement of colors, like a ballet sparkling under the rhythm of nature.

Entirely made in Quebec

The BAUMs are executed with new LED products from LSAV / Borealux; that is to say with their LED ribbons specially made here in Quebec. The steel support was made by Les Métaux Richard Angers Ltée. To complete the look, refurbished products from Écoscéno and Bois Grange Et Cie were used to power, control and add a rustic chic touch to the look of the interactive BAUMs.