”IN SIGHT” by Golden Tribe _Produced by 6&2 Film

In Sight by
Golden Tribe

is now available on Youtube!
Produced by
Productions Six et Deux Inc.
at the studio of
FX Productions
the clip is directed by Dany Foster of
Production Triskel
and the DOP by Éloi Sirois
Technical direction by Yannick Sirois of Techni-Productions.
Thank you to all the team behind this wonderful project;
Marc Bourgeois
Jeremy Room
Mari Pole Blais
Phil Paulin
Danny Harvey
_Tania Graveline_ Hugues Letellier_
Anne Gagnon

Valerie Bourgeois
_Valeria Infusini
Les Deuxluxes
_Auguste Lapensée_ Patrick Bernier _Véronique Demers _ Agence Sophie B_Philippe Besner _Justine Belzile
Thank you
Golden Tribe
for the trust and love 🌴
The clip ends with information for
Suicide Action Montreal
Mental Health Movement Quebec

Because the Golden Tribe universe is not real, but the eels are.